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Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants
Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants capable of simultaneously producing high purity Oxygen Gas and Nitrogen Gas. It also has an internal compression Liquid Oxygen Pump to fill dry gaseous oxygen in cylinders. We also undertake supervision of Installation and Commissioning of the SANGHI-ORG Oxygen Plant. It comes with an efficient expansion engine, which lowers the operating pressures remarkably to as low as 32-35 kg/cm2 and also cuts down power consumption. This technology has been proven all over the world for its working efficiency & trouble free operation.

Specifications :
1. The plant is very versatile and can be set for a cycle, product capacities are based on ambient conditions of 15C temperature 760mm of Hg pressure and 50% relative humidity and 0.03% of Carbon Di-oxide is allowed as impurity.

2. High purity Nitrogen of up to 2 PPM can also be tapped simultaneously with a separate liquid Nitrogen pump in modified plants, at an additional cost

3. Provisions can also be made for tapping up to 25% liquid oxygen / liquid nitrogen simultaneously with gaseous oxygen, at an additional cost.

4. Specifications of other capacity plants up to 750 Cu.m/hr capacity can be furnished on request.

5. Electric motors can be supplied to suit specific power ratings in respective countries across the globe, if informed in advance.

Expansion Engine - Expansion Engine is a vertical single acting reciprocating type Expansion Engine, hydraulically operated with variable cam for automatic control of pressure and temperature. The High Pressure Expansion Engine is used for liquid Plants.

The Expansion Engine can be considered as Drive Unit, Cylinder Unit for air expansion and Hydraulic Systems for operating the Valves.

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